Internet Underperforming?

Are you still using the modem/router from your internet provider to broadcast Wi-Fi throughout your home? A majority of companies only offer basic units that have limited range and a low bandwidth capacity.
When consulting your provider for better solutions, avoid wireless extenders. Without getting too technical, they reduce overall performance while extending the range short distances.
Consider instead, a mesh network system. I prefer slightly larger units, with more robust distances. This can help to get past interference issues within the home, as well as providing extended range beyond the home itself. These are also a fraction of the cost of putting in a proper network system, that requires Ethernet switches, wireless access points (WAP’s) and Ethernet lines ran throughout the home.
Costco has a three pack Orbi, by Netgear, in the AX, for a very good price (around $500). Best Buy and Amazon.com offer the Orbi AC3000 two pack for an excellent price as well (generally $300-330 new).
Linksys offers a competitive product with it’s Velop series. I recommend their AX line for the best performance, although their AC2200 series does work well in most homes around 2000 square feet.
As always, there are a lot of things to consider when choosing the best option for your home. Feel free to contact me, if you are looking to increase your internet performance.

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