Our Services

Practical and professional electronic solutions


Flat panels (LED, OLED & QLED), projectors & screens and whole home video distribution.


Surround sound, soundbars and whole home audio distribution.

Internet & WiFi

Wired Networking, WiFi and smart devices.


distributed Audio

Effortlessly enjoy quality audio throughout your home with distributed audio.  Choose from companies like Control4, Sonos, Heos and many others.  Control your audio source, and volume, for any room and link rooms together, in seconds.

TV & Theater Audio

Simply adding a soundbar to your TV can bring the room to life.  Many soundbars offer better dialogue and enhanced audio for a surround sound experience.  However, for a truly immersive experience, a multi-speaker system is still the best solution.  

Care and Maintenance

Improperly adjusted audio settings and changes in equipment can lead to frustration and poor quality.   We can keep your audio running smoothly by performing an annual servicing, or a one time troubleshoot.


Panel TV's & Projectors

Seamlessly integrate a flat panel TV or projector into your room, whether mounted, integrated into cabinetry or on a stand.  

Imaging Science Foundation Video Calibration

We are ISF certified and can use our professional calibration equipment to optimize your video display.

Distributed Video & Rack Systems

Using a few sources, we can distribute video to several TV’s in a home.  This can reduce the amount of components needed and eliminate clutter at each TV location.  We are also able to install and manage component racks, for hidden audio/video solutions.

Care and Maintenance

Upgrades in components, or lack there of, and misconfigured settings can often result in poor quality and a dissatisfying experience.  Let us help with an annual service call, or a one time troubleshoot.


Networking & WiFi

Internet is the backbone of all that we do.  Whether wireless, or hardwired, establishing a solid network throughout the home is extremely important.  We can give you the coverage you’re looking for. 

Network Types

You can choose from single point routers, mesh network systems and advanced networking options with wireless access points sprinkled throughout the home.  

Care and Maintenance

There are many factors to consider when trying to optimize your internet speeds.  Existing modems, routers, type of service and household wiring.  Contact us for a consultation, or troubleshoot, of your existing network


smart Home & Automation

Control your home from your phones, tablets, remotes or smart switches.  View cameras, adjust lighting, protect your home and play music, at the touch of a button.

Smart home options

Choose from advanced systems, such as: Control4, ProControl or URC.  Utilize systems like Ring, Arlo, Simplisafe, TP Link/Kasa and many others.  Systems will always be tailored to your budget.  

Care and Maintenance

Have existing smart home components?  We can get devices back online after a network change or troubleshoot other varied problems.  Click the link below and select a Troubleshoot or Consultation.


home Safety

Home safety can take on whatever role you need, from cameras, to water sensors, to door and window sensors and 24/365 monitoring.

Security Types

You can choose between monitored systems and more passive systems.  Even when going with cameras by Ring or Arlo, you can opt to save your video to the cloud or passively monitor based on notifications.  You can utilize systems like Simplisafe, Watchdog or a variety of other companies.  

Care and Maintenance

If you have a smart system, like Ring, Arlo or Simplisafe and are experiencing difficulties, we may be able to help.  Schedule a troubleshoot for immediate assistance.


Wire Concealment

We can assist with retrofit wire concealment, adding speaker wires, video cabling, blind wires or whatever your needs are.  We partner with a low voltage technician for both remodels and new home builds.

Wire Management

Need your wiring nightmares put to rest?  We can assist with cleaning up altered rack systems, smart panels and all other wiring surrounding your A/V systems.

Care and Maintenance

Wiring can get away from you with time.  We can help by removing old and redundant wires and by simply tidying up what’s left.  Request a consultation for wire concealment or a Wire Management appointment to put us to work right away.

Satisfied Customers


for all of our services

We make every effort to take care of our clients and make sure that their lives are as “Frustration Free” as possible.  All workmanship comes with a 90 day warranty, but remember, questions and advice are always free.  *Products are subject to manufacturer warranty, or any service plan purchased additionally.  

Commitment to Our Clients

Our goal is to ensure that your experience is the very best that it can be.  We strive to make our installations, and the use of your equipment, as “Frustration Free” as possible.  Please contact us with any questions, or concerns, that you may have, so that you can continue enjoying your home.