Seamless Audio by Sonos

Looking for music in all the wrong places? Add some SONOS to your life and fall in love with music again. They are, without a doubt, the best wireless, whole home, audio system out there. They perfected the technology, that most others are still working on, before the first iPhone was released (FYI 2007). Having released an Atmos soundbar, they are contenders in the home theater world, not just music. There are 3 soundbars and several speakers to choose from, and if you prefer the speakers you already own, purchase an Amp to power them, or the Port, to integrate with your existing audio system. Utilize the app, on your phone or tablet, to control the volume, what you are listening to and group speakers together in seconds to play throughout the home. Most of the speakers work with Alexa, or Google Assistant, same as any of the standalone assistant devices. TruePlay tuning, via iPad/iPhone, optimizes the Sonos speakers for your room and is the only tuning system that I could actually hear a difference with. If you are interested in whole home audio, or would like to learn more, please contact us.

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